Donna can provide your group or facility with these programs:

  Workshops-according to the need of the proposed program

Teaching beginning storytelling-Remembering and Sharing the Legacy

Assemblies for schools

Programs for professional organizations, adult and youth

Nursing homes and assisted living programs, programs for Alzheimer and dementia patients (for more information about nursing home programs, click here)

Holiday theme programs



Donna Marie Kuczynski, seasoned storyteller, is available
to keep you on the edge of your seat with her skillfully woven
narrations in the northern Ohio area.

"When I first decided to tell a story instead of read one, I wasn't sure about the whole idea; but I remembered loving the stories that my grandmother (Katie Corcoran Barry) told me, so I started with one of hers and added a few details of my own.  Telling stories isn't easier than reading books, storytelling is a completely different art.  Storytelling is a responsive art form. 

Aside from being a wonderful way of sharing time with a child and teaching the value of imagination, storytelling can become a challenging creative outlet for you.  It's your chance to peek into a child's own unique imagination.  If you're lucky, you may get to hear a few stories as well as tell them.

Storytelling is portable, cheap and fun.  A trip to the store could turn into a recipe for adventure.  The mailbox becomes a gateway to another world.  Storytelling is a way to teach children to re-envision the world, to look at it and see not just what it holds, but what else it could hold.  Storytelling is a way to convey imagination more than information.

Long ago, there were professional storytellers who were the oral memory and history of a community.  In our increasingly digital and printed worlds, storytelling is an unfamiliar challenge, but we all tell stories every day in accounts of experiences of feelings."   ~ D.M.K.

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Healing Visions Photography


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